Is your roof suitable for the installation of solar panels and what is the most optimal setup? The App Solar Consult can give you some answers instantly.

To calculate the maximum possible profit of solar panels on a roof, you can enter the size of the roof in the App. Also the angle of the roof and the orientation of a roof compared to the south is important to give an advise of the optimal setup for solar panels.

These data will be used to determine the optimal setup and the efficiency will displayed instantly. If you are satisfied with the results of the App, you can request the price from a supplier in your area. The App is worldwide available and the prices are different per region. We only have agreements with suppliers who provide quality and if you request a quote, you will receive it from our partners in your region.

It is also possible to ask for such a financing, that your monthly costs will not increase. The financing of the panels can be the same as the expected savings in electricity. Our partners can offer you a complete solution whereby you can be more independent of your energy supplier.