Orientation Meter

To calculate the maximum possible profit of solar panels on a roof, you can use the orientation meter off the App Solar Consult to determine the angle of the roof and the orientation of a roof compared to the South or North.

On the northern hemisphere, the App defines a roof where the sunny side is precisely directed to the south as an orientation of 0°. If the roof has a deviation from the south to the west, then the orientation of the sunny side a positive number. A roof that is directed entirely to the west has an orientation of 90°. A deviation to the east is shown as a negative number (east = -90°).

The angle and the orientation of your roof is important to be able to advise the optimal setup for solar panels properly. You can aim the iPhone/iPad to the sun as if it's a solar panel, which is placed on the roof. Using the angle and the deviation from the South (or North), the efficiency of a solar panel will be displayed.

If possible, you can put the iPhone/iPad also on the roof or hold it against the ceiling. Ensure that the side of the iPhone/iPad is parallel to the side of the house.

The orientation meter shows in the top left the Orientation Factor (O.F.) of the roof. 

If you want to stop the measurement, press the button right above the orientation meter.