Optimal setup

The advice is calculated with the selected panel in the tab ‘Settings’. In case of a pitched roof, the setup of the landscape position will be compared with the portrait position and the highest output will be displayed.

In case of a flat roof, the setup of the landscape position will also be compared with the portrait position, but only the highest output of all calculations of angles of the panel (until 90 degrees) will be displayed.

If the list of panels in the tab 'Settings' contains more than one panel, then the highest output of the other panels will be calculated too. The list will be displayed and sorted by output.

To display the details of another solar panel, select the panel in the tab 'Settings’.

The minimum inclination of a panel on a flat roof is different by region. Usually the manufacturer will give only under certain conditions the warranty. A condition may be that the inclination must be at least 10°. The reason is that at a smaller angle the rainwater will stay on the panel, leaves and debris will not rinse off and moss can grow on the panel.