Output in kWh

To calculate the output per year the App Solar Consult uses three factors:
Solar radiation, Orientation and Correction factor. The App uses the abbreviations R.F., O.R. and C.F.

The multiplication of the three factors gives an output percentage:

Output percentage = R.F. x O.F. x C.F.

The Solar Consult App calculates the output per year by multiplying the peak power with the output percentage:

Output per year = Pmax x Output percentage

Radiation Factor:
The solar radiation is the directly observable sunlight, the diffuse and the indirect sunlight.

The App Solar Consult calculates per region a solar radiation factor (R.F.). This is a percentage of solar radiation compared to 1 MWh/m²/year. The solar radiation factor of your location can be read in the upper left corner of the tab 'Map'. The App Solar Consult retrieves the value from the Global Data Set of 'Surface meteorology and Solar Energy' of the NASA. This Data Set contents a regional average per year over 22 years (July 1983 - June 2005) of the whole world.

This value may be different from the value of the map of SolarGIS.

Orientation Factor:
The Orientation Factor (O.R.) is retrieved from the table of Hespul.

This factor can be read on the tab 'Orientation meter' and is a percentage which is calculated with the inclination of the panel and the deviation from the South (or North). The orientation factor will also be displayed on the map on the tab 'Map'. The inclination of the panel can be changed with the slider and that case the orientation factor will be changed on the map.

Correction Factor:
The Correction Factor (C.F.) of a solar panel differs per panel.

This can be established per panel on the tab 'Settings' and is 100% minus the output loss due to reflection of the sun (anti-reflective coating), the influence of temperature, inverter (converting the variable direct current output into a utility frequency alternating current), cables and connectors.

A common value of the correction factor is 100% - 15% = 85%