A supplier or installer can display with the Goldstar Partnership their company and solar panels to all users in a particular region on multiple screens in the app.

For a region the company can display their name, website and mail address in the App on the following screens:.

  1. Their company name will be displayed below the Orientation Meter.
  2. In the [INFO] screen (the top left of each main screen) the logo, name of the company and website will be displayed.
  3. When the user sends an email for a request for information or quote, it will be sent to the mail address of their company.
  4. Their company name, website and mail address will be displayed in the App when the user taps the Goldstar in the table with the filter of the manufacturers (tab ‘Settings’).


The company with the Goldstar in a given region is the only company in that region which will have the four opportunities of the Gold Star. So only one company can have this Goldstar Partnership in a region. With this type of partnership the company has the right to display a Gold Star behind two manufacturers in the list of panels (tab ‘Settings’) to promote their selves as the supplier or installer.

Opportunities 1, 2 and 3 are for the Gold Star Membership. Opportunity 4 is also possible with a Silverstar Partnership.

Prices for the Goldstar Partnership:
(All prices are exclusive 21% FAT).

  • If the company wants to pay monthly, they will receive an invoice every month. The price is in 2014 adjusted at € 32.50 per month per region.
  • If the company wants to pay for a longer period, they will receive an invoice for the whole period and a monthly discount will be calculated which is different for each time period. They will receive the invoice prior to the period and the payment must be booked in advance and at once.
  • To stop the partnership is simple. Two weeks before the end of the period, the company will receive a new invoice for the next period. If the company does not pay the invoice, the Partnership will end automatically.

Process for payments:



Price / Region

Payment / Month

Price / Month

 € 32,50

Total: 1 month

 € 32,50

Payment / Quarter

Price / Month

 € 30,00

Total: 3 months

 € 90,00

Payment / Half year

Price / Month

 € 27,50

Total: 6 months

 € 165,00

Payment / Year

Price / Month

 € 25,00

Total: 12 months

 € 300,00

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start a partnership.

If the prices are too expensive for you, you can also set your own price by bidding. You can choose in the PRO-version of the app for the "Settings". Tap on 'Personalize your own app', log in and then tap on 'Partnership'.

There you can select all the regions you want (up to 25 regions per bid). Then click 'Start opening bid in Cloud' and you can register a bid. Only if you win the bid, then you receive an invoice. A bid remains open for 7 days and you determine your own price. During the period of 7 days, you can click on the region to see if you still have the highest bid. The bid also shows a Timer which count down to the expiring time of the bid. If you have the highest bid and the invoice is paid, the regions will be assigned to you for the period you specified in the bid.

Your personalized App will be displayed  to all users of the assigned regions automatically.


Article A: Opening bid

  1. The minimal bid is € 6 per region per month.
  2. The total value of a bid must be at least € 25.
  3. You can only register in one bid up to 25 regions (which are visible on one screen) for a maximum period of 12 months.
  4. You can register a bid of regions, which are visible on one screen.
  5. By registering an opening bid, you give permission to show your company name in case of open bids and assigned regions
  6. An opening bid ends after 7 days at 12:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  7. An opening bid can be done 14 days before the end of the next month. Other wise the period of the partnership will start one month later.
  8. You can bid on a period for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
  9. You will receive a confirmation mail that you have registered a bid with information from the regions, period and the value of your bid.

Article B: If you are outbid

  1. If you are outbid before the deadline, then you will be informed directly by mail.
  2. If someone makes a bid in the last 5 minutes, then the deadline of the auction will be extended with five minutes. So another bidder has plenty of time to do also a bid and you do not need to wait necessarily for the last seconds before placing a bid. It is therefore not by chance, not depending on connection speed and always clear which bidder has the highest bid and win the auction.
  3. If you are outbid then this includes the entire bid, so for all regions. The new bidder can not bid on a part of the regions (or more regions), but he can bid a higher value or for a longer period.

Article C: Bid is won

  1. If you win a bid, you will receive a confirmation mail about winning the bid and an invoice as attachment, which you have to pay within 7 days.
  2. On the day we receive your payment of the invoice, then the regions will be activated for your company name automatically starting with the 1st of the month throughout the period specified in the bid. You will receive a confirmation mail that you company is activated in the App.
  3. If we did not receive the payment within 7 days, you will receive a mail to alert you.
  4. If we did not receive the payment after the reminder, your bid will be automatically deleted and you will get a yellow card as a warning. You will be informed by mail (but it will not be published in the App).
  5. After 3 yellow cards follows a red card: You can no longer use your account and company for a partnership on the regions. You will be informed by mail (but it will not be published in the App).

Article D: In case that (in the opinion of the administrator) the company name is offensive or not the objective of geomarketing

  1. The bid or the assignment of the region will be deactivated.
  2. As a warning a yellow card will be send by mail (see Article C option 5).

Article E: Payment, VAT and transaction costs

  1. Only after winning a bid, you will receive an invoice on your email address.
  2. The bid is exclusive VAT and we only charge VAT in the Netherlands. For other countries, we reverse charge to the customer.
  3. We charge € 25 transaction cost for countries outside Europe. For an invoice above € 300, the transaction cost will be our costs.