The regions are determined with the degrees of the geographic coordinates whereby any place on earth can be determined.

So a partnership for the region 52°N / 05°E means that all users of the App will see the details of the company and the solar panels in the following area.

Top left

52°30‘00“N / 04°30‘00“E

Top right

52°30‘00“N / 05°30‘00“E

Bottom right

51°30‘00“N / 05°30‘00“E

Bottom left

51°30‘00“N / 04°30‘00“E

In this example 52°00'00"N / 5°00'00"E is the location exactly at the center of this rectangle and it is in this case a rectangle of 68 km to 111 km. You can use Google Maps ( to display the geographic coordinates and enter the coordinates 52, 5 to see the center of the region on the map.

For the coordinates 52°30'00" N/04°30'00"E, you need to enter: 52.5, 4.5
(30 minutes is 0.5 degree) 

If a part of the region consists of sea, the percentage land area will be settled in the price. Please contact with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information about a partnership.

Example of region 51°00'00"N / 0°00'00"E, where (because of the land area) 75% of the price will be invoiced:
Example region