Privacy policy

Privacy policy of the App Solar Consult, Solar Consult Pro and Solar ROI:

1. The owner of these Apps is Sander Haanappel of the company Solar Consulting.

2. There are three kinds of data being collected in the App Solar Consult and Solar Consult Pro:

2.1. If the user gives in the ‘Solar Consult’ Apps permission to use the location, the GPS coordinates will be sent to our server and the following results will be used in the App:

2.1.1. The solar radiation: The result is displayed in the App and used to calculate the optimal setup of solar panels. The user's contact details and coordinates are not stored on our website.

2.1.2. Solar Consulting has partnerships with other companies for some regions (with a max one partner for each region). If the partner works in the region of the user (same GPS coordinates), the name of the partner will be displayed in the App.

2.1.3. If a user requests for a quote for solar panels, the user can enter the details of the roof and their contact details in the app. After tapping the 'Send' button, the App displays an email with the data. The user can send this mail to the partner of Solar Consulting (the local installer) or cancel the mail. The only mandatory data is the mail address. The data will not be stored on our server and the mail will be sent to the partner or (if there is no partner in the region) to Solar Consulting.

2.2. If the users want to add solar panels themselves in the App, this data is stored on our server. For this, the user needs an account with a mail address, company name and a password. The account ID is stored together with the data from the solar panels (only available in the Pro-Version).

2.3. A company can store customers installations as projects on our server. This concerns the data of the roof, the contact data, the GPS coordinates and optimum setup of the solar panels of the installation.

3. This data for the App the App Solar Consult and Solar Consult Pro is necessary for our service to calculate the optimal setup and if the user want, to receive a quote from a local installer. The contact data will not be used for analytics or email marketing.

4. We have no third parties with access to our server and we don't share our data with third parties. The only contact with our partner is on the moment the user sent a mail to our partner themselves.

5. The user has the right to delete their account (an account can be stored on our sever in case of article 2.2) by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. The user can request to see the data of their account and solar panels by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7. The App ‘Solar ROI’ doesn’t use any data of location, companies or contact data.

8. This URL will be sent to all our mail addresses (accounts) on our server for notifying our privacy policy.

9. In case of a new registration of a user (new account), the user will be notified of our privacy policy by mail.

10. In case of changes or updates to the privacy policy, all registered users of an account will be notified.

11. Effective date of the privacy policy is 13th of October 2019.