The PRO version is specifically designed for energy consultants and suppliers of solar panels. You can display your company name under the orientation meter, you can display your logo, company name and website on [Info], add your own list of solar panels and the mail will be send directly to your own mail address.

The Standard and PRO version allows you to change the characteristics of a solar panel and change the value of the sun angle in the winter. The settings affect the calculations of the required surface of solar panels on pitched and flat roofs and the length of the shadow behind a row of solar panels on a flat roof.

With the PRO version multiple configurations can be stored as projects on your device and in the Cloud. So in this version the App can be used as a registration tool at a customer location.

You can save the data of a configuration and include a picture on your iPhone or in the Cloud and you can open the same configuration on your iPad. Additionally, you can send the configuration to the Cloud of another user (such as colleague or installer).

In the Navigation menu you can click on the different features which are only available in the PRO version.