Solar Panels

Companies can store with the PRO version their solar panels on our server. In addition to the manufacturer, Watt-peak, width and length of a solar panel the correction factor can be entered.

This Correction Factor (C.F.) of a solar panel differs per panel and is 100% minus the output loss due to reflection of the sun (anti-reflective coating), the influence of temperature, inverter (converting the variable direct current output into a utility frequency alternating current), cables and connectors.

A common value of the correction factor is 100% - 15% = 85%

In case of a partnership in which the panels are compared with each other worldwide, a value of 85% percent will be used. The type of converter, cables, and connectors are important factors and in the comparison of the panels, we assume the same conditions.

To change solar panels on our server, you must first register and then log on in the Control Center. To access the Control Center, you must choose for the company name in the tab "Settings" at the top of the screen. 

Deleting a solar panel can be established through the 'strikethrough' (or 'swipe') with the finger over the row with the solar panel in the table.