Solar Consult LITE

Is your roof suitable for the installation of solar panels and what is the most optimal setup? The App Solar Consult can give you some answers instantly.

The orientation meter works like a compass that will display the deviation from the South (or North). You can put the phone on the roof or hold it against the ceiling. In addition, the inclination of the roof will be measured.

If you are considering to install solar panels, the tab ‘Performance’ can help you in your research whether your roof is suitable for solar panels. The tab ‘Performance’ shows whether there falls enough sunlight on your roof and whether it is worth to install solar panels. You can enter an address or display your current location.

You can enter the details of your roof and the App will calculate for your roof the maximum output in the tab ‘Advice’.

Also, the required surface of solar panels on pitched and flat roofs are displayed. The tab ‘Roof’ displays the length of the shadow behind a row of solar panels.